Vehicle Registration

The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 prohibits the driving of a motor vehicle in any public place or in any other place without registering it. It is essential that the particulars of every vehicle and its owner should be available in the concerned department or office of Government and that the vehicle should be distinguishable from other vehicles by sight. The registration mark should be displayed in specified places and in specified manner.

Registration of New vehicles

Application for registration of a new vehicle shall be submitted before the Registering Authority in whose jurisdiction the applicant is residing or having his business and the vehicle is normally kept. The application for registration shall be made in Form 20, within a period of 7 days from the date of delivery of such vehicle excluding the period of journey. It shall be accompanied by

1. Application in Form 20
2. Sale Certificate in Form 21.
3. Valid Insurance Certificate.
4. Road worthiness certificate in Form 22 from the manufacturers
5. In the case of a body built vehicle, Form 22A from the body builder.
6. Proof of  address.
7. Design approval copy of STA in the case of a Trailer or Semi Trailer.
8. Original sale certificate from the concerned  authorities in Form 21 in the    case   of     ex-army vehicle.
9. Temporary registration , if any.
10.Pencil print of chassis number
11.Customs clearance certificate in the case of Imported Vehicles.
12.Appropriate Fee as specified in Rule 81 of CMV Rules
Temporary Registration

A Temporary Registration is issued to a new vehicle to transport it from the place of purchase to the place of registration. The temporary registration is issued for a period of 7 days. But for a chassis to which a body has to be built ,the validity will be for one month. The application for temporary registration shall be made in Form No.20. Fee for Temporary Registration is Rs 50/-

Extension of Temporary Registration

Extension of temporary registration will be allowed in the case of a motor vehicle so registered is a chassis. An application for extension of the period of Temporary Registration shall be made to the Registering Authority before the expiry of temporary registration specifying the period up to which extension is necessary and shall be accompanied by the Temporary Registration Form C.R.Tem. The fee for extension of Temporary Registration shall be Rs.50/-.

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